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Maritime Law Faculty

Speciality: "Jurisprudence";

Specialization: "Maritime Law" Speciality: "Management of Organization"; Specialization: "Management of Organizations of Sea Transportation"

According to the licenses and the certificate of accreditation Specialities: Jurisprudence, Management, Specialization: Maritime Law, Management of Sea Transportation Organizations of The Ministry of Education and Science the maritime law faculty is preparing maritime lawyers and managers of organizations of maritime transportation. The first admission in the speciality "Jurisprudence" and specialization "Maritime Law" took place in 1995. "Management of Organizations of Sea Transportation" accepted the first students in 2004.

The faculty consists of 8 departments: Administrative and Criminal Law, Civil and Labor Law, Management and Economy on the Maritime Transport, Economic Theory and Business Undertakings on a Marine transport, Maritime Law, Ukrainian Culture and Language, Physical Education and Philosophy. The high level of professional training of cadets is carried out by the teachers of the highest qualification - professors and docents. 8 professors and doctors of science, 33 docents and candidates of science work at the department.

Teaching staff takes part in developing the maritime legislation and economic programs of improving the development in Ukraine. They also represent Academy in the work of the International Assembly of maritime organization and its committees, and also in the international economic forums.

The faculty supports the partnership relations with the corresponding departments of maritime, law and economic universities of Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine etc. The training of specialists is carried out according to the curriculums and the programs of disciplines, based on the demands of the International Conventions.

Practical training is an essential part of educational process: general sea training at the educational sailing center of the Academy, natatory practical training aboard a training vessel of the Academy, field experience in shore structures, connected with the navy activities, in public administration organs, in law machinery.

The graduates of the faculty possess deep knowledge, which is necessary for successful work in all structures of maritime complex. The deep studying of foreign languages with mastering maritime, law and economic terms helps in job placement in shipping companies, ports, maritime agencies, public administration organs, law machinery, commercial and other structures. The graduates of the faculty are a deposit of success and prosperity for any company.