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Maritime and Inland Waterway Navigation Faculty

The faculty was established in 1993 on the basis of Deep-Sea Navigation Faculty. Since 1975 a trend towards fleet specialization has become wider. The development of European inland waterways as well as improvement of cargo transportation have caused a desperate need in navigators who specialize in "Navigation on Sea and Inland Water Ways".

After the USSR disintegration, Russia has been training hydrographers for marine industry. Therefore a separate department of hydrography and sea geodesy has been formed.

Since 1999 navigators-dredger operators have also been trained. The candidates who have completed Technical fleet college are being accepted to continue their education. During their studies cadets have practical training on modern navigational simulators in Hitech Meteorology, Navigation and Sailing Directions, Hydrography and Sea Geology Laboratories.

The faculty includes the following departments: Navigation on Sea and Inner Water ways, Hydrography and Sea Geodesy, Theory and Ship's Construction, English Language in Hydrography and Sea Radiocommunication, Safety and Security at Sea.

The graduates can occupy the position of navigators on seagoing ships without any limitations as well as in accordance with the obtained specialization: on river vessels of mixed sailing type "river-sea", technical service vessels, hydrographic and research ships.

They can also work at the enterprises of the appropriate field.

Speciality: "Navigation"

Specialization: "Navigation on Sea and Inner Water Ways", "Sea-going Hydrographic Ships' Navigation", "Technical Service Ships' Navigation and Dredging Operations"