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Scientific Research

Scientific research at the academy is conducted in the following fields:

  • safety of navigation, navigation; - marine fleet maintenance and operation;
  • automation and computer integrated technology in marine transport;
  • ship repairing technology, technological equipment;
  • social and law aspects of international navigation;
  • global maritime radiocommunication.

Post-graduate studies (both Sc. Candidate and Sc. Doctor levels) are conducted in the following fields:

  • 05.08.05 - Ship Power Plants;
  • 05.12.17 - Radiotechnical and Television Systems;
  • 05.13.07 - Technological Processes Automation;
  • 05.22.16 - Navigation.

236 scientific researches were made, 19 doctors' and 27 candidates' degrees were upheld; 486 monographs and textbooks, 3142 scientific articles were published, 52 patent certificates and licenses were received during 1991-2003.

The following collections of technical and scientific works are published at the Academy: "Navigation", "Ship' Plants Operation", "Theory and Practice of the processes of braking up to part, devising, mixing and consolidation", "Automation of Ship Technical Means". They are approved by the High Attestation Board as the scientific collections, in which publication of scientific researches' results is allowed, and also "Transportation by sea and transport complexes" and "Maritime Law: History, Present and Future Perspectives".

The special qualification board for the defense of theses for Candidate's and Doctor's degrees in the specialties 05.08.05 - "Ship Power Plant" and 05.22.16 - "Navigation" is functioning at the Academy.