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Training Center "Survival under Extreme Conditions at Sea"

The center is assigned to drill the cadets on personal survival technique, fight for ship unsinkability.

It includes a complex of simulators on flooding and fire fighting, the First Aid rendering.

The center provides diving training, collective and individual rescue equipment usage training.

The center is equipped with modern facilities that meet world standards.

Training is carried out by teaching and instructing staff having a great shipboard experience on different types of vessels and special training for conducting emergency rescue operations at sea.

On completing the course of training at the Center cadets receive corresponding international certificates.

 №  Course of training Regulations and Chapters
of STCW-78/95
1. Isues of safety and instructing of all seafarers proficiency training VI/1
2. Proficiency in rescue boats and rafts training VI/2, A-VI/ 2-1
3. Advanced in fire fighting training VI/3
4. First medical aid training VI/4, A-VI/4-1
5. Medical care training VI/4, A-VI/4-2
6. Carrying dangerous cargoes training B-V/b, B-V/c
7. Usage of breathing apparatus training V/1, VI/1, B-V/b, B-V/c
8. Divers' training Course professional training.License
№159025 of 28.08.2006
of the Ministry of Education
and Sciences of Ukraine