18 July-September 2013  

ILO Martime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 Implementation in Ukraine

The Round Table took place on September 12 at the initiative of the Public Council under Odessa Regional State Administration. The representatives of scientific elite of our city, public authorities, trade union organizations, public community and crewing companies assembled to discuss issues regarding the ILO Maritime Labour Convention Implementation (hereinafter MLC Convention 2006) and requirements of the 2010 Manila Amendments to the Convention Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, which are important to Ukraine and particularly to Odessa region.

Ukraine has been ranked fourth as for the total number of officers on the world maritime labour market. 1, 2 million people of different nationalities work at sea. MLC Convention 2006 is one of the fundamental and consolidated documents in this sphere. The Convention was adopted in February 2006 at the meeting of International Labour Organization; it has included 38 specialized maritime conventions.

The document establishes the minimum requirements and standards to all the aspects of seafarers' labour. It outlines the issues of seafarers' work and rest hours, their employment, social security protection, food and health protection and other social services.

The MLC Convention 2006 entered into force on August 20, 2013. At the end of August it was ratified by 46 states. And the total fleet tonnage is more than 76% of the global one.

Prof. Mykhaylo V. Miyusov, Doctor of Engineering Science, Rector of ONMA told the participants of the meeting about the peculiarities of the MLC Convention 2006 and Manila Amendments implementation in Ukraine as well as arising problems, which the national education system has faced.

Mykhaylo I. Kireev, a chairman of the Maritime Transport Workers Trade Union of Ukraine focused on the fact that the requirements of the MLC Convention 2006 are extending to the sea ports of Ukraine, where vessels of foreign ship owners and shippers call at.

The peculiarities of medical care for seafarers were considered in accordance with the MLC Convention 2006 Standards.

"Today 75.000 seafarers work at the world fleet", said Igor Safin, Deputy of the Odessa City Council, Director General of V.Ships subsidiary (Ukraine).

"The fate of each of them is important to us", said Igor Safin.

Since 2006 the whole maritime world has begun the preparation for the MLC Convention 2006 ratification.

V.Ships Company (Ukraine) was the first one to be certified by Lloyd's Register Classification Society in accordance with the MLC Convention 2006.

Ukrainian crewing companies should already meet the requirements of the Convention. The necessity of its ratification by our country is obvious.

There is a social and economic necessity. After the discussion the members of the Round Table confirmed the conclusion and expressed their gratitude to Tamila V. Afanaseva, chairperson of the Public Council, for effective work.


ONMA specialists' training conforms to the international standards

Prof. Mykhaylo V. Miyusov, Doctor of Engineering Science, Rector of Odessa National Maritime Academy was interviewed by ''Reporter" representatives, and he answered the questions connected with maritime industry in general and education of seafarers.

On the 1st of July, 2013 Ukraine wasn't ready to issue the IMO standard certificates of competency which include Manila Amendments.

All maritime educational institutions and training centers have to pass on to training in accordance with the 2010 Manila Amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978 ( STCW 78), and this has been done.

We have already passed on to new standards and programmes since September 1, 2012.

The transition period, which is set by amendments, expires on January 1, 2012, after that, all necessary documents conformed to the revision of the Convention will be issued.

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine adopted new regulations on the procedure of title conferment to officers of sea vessels on August 7, 2013 and the Ministry of Justice registered it on August 23, 2013. This document is submitted for approval now.

Odessa National Maritime Academy buys new equipment every year. The Manila Amendments have imposed new additional requirements for specialists' training.

The Transas Navigational Simulator consisting of eight navigation bridges has been bought for the Navigation Department. Training and actual equipment such as radar station, a log, a gyrocompass and echo sounder has been bought for the Maritime Radio Communication Department.

The equipment will be used for navigators', electrical engineers' and radio officers' training.

New laboratory stands have been bought for Electrical Engineering and Radioelectronics Department, which make it possible to carry out a great amount of laboratory researches for training of electrical engineers, marine engineers as well as Automatic Faculty cadets. A new generation of Engine Room and Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) simulators have been bought for Training and Certifying Center of Seafarers.

Today ONMA has concluded more than 300 cadets' onboard training agreements. For example, more than 200 ONMA cadets undergo practical training at V.Ships Company every year. A lot of ONMA cadets also have practical training at MSC, ITS, OSM and other companies.

Therefore, upon graduation from the Academy all the cadets have already obtained required marine qualifications for occupying officers' positions. Junior cadets have some difficulties with practical training. We solve this problem with the help of some Ukrainian shipping companies, as well as sea port vessels. Cadets undergo practical training in Yuzhny, Ilyichevsk and other sea ports.

Today our graduates have no problems with employment.

The assignment of cadets is held a month before their graduation. Cadets with a low grade point average or insufficient knowledge of English have certain difficulties.

But eventually, all our cadets manage to find a job with the assistance of our Employment and Training Department.

We call seafarers for joining the academic staff. They work at the Academy between voyages. It is very effective for the educational process. Ukraine remains attractive to the world leading shipping companies due to high quality of specialists' training.

Prof. Dr. Mykhaylo V. Miyusov, Rector of ONMA


ONMA representatives visited the University of Ljubljana

The ONMA delegation consisting of Mykhaylo A. Kolegaiev, Dean of Marine Engineering Faculty and Marina V. Chesnokova, Head of International and Economic Cooperation Department, visited the Faculty of Marine Studies and Transport of the University of Ljubljana (the Republic of Slovenia) on July 17-23. Guests were met by Prof. Elen Twrdy, Dean of the Faculty and Capt. Elenko Shvetak, Associated Professor (ONMA graduate) who showed the simulation base of the University and introduced them to the academic staff.

The meeting resulted in the agreement for cooperation between the higher educational institutions with the aim of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation establishment, research and educational activities development, as well as scientific research cooperation, education and economic sector expansion; increase of mobility of academic staff and students; development of the content of scientific and technical education and lifelong learning of seafarers; organization of international scientific and professional symposia, seminars, conferences and other scientific meetings, researches, and other forms of mutual cooperation. The visit and the agreement for cooperation were initiated by Natasha Prah, Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Ukraine with the aim of cooperation, international exchange of students and further cooperation development in the sphere of education between Slovenia and Ukraine.


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