¹ 14 July-September 2012  

The Working Group Meeting on the Development of ETO Standards of Training

On 5 and 6 July, 2012 the first Working Group Meeting on the development of ETO (Electro-Technical Officers) standards of training was held in ONMA. The ETO position was introduced into the ship's crew according to the Manila amendments to the STCW International Convention in 2010.

Yanush Mednikovskyi, Dean of the Electrical Engineering Faculty, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland, Yatsek Viskovskyi, Professor of the Electrical Engineering Faculty, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland, Vu Huafeng, Associate Professor, Shanghai Maritime University, People's Republic of China, Vadym .M. Zakharchenko, Deputy Rector of ONMA, Valeriy .S.Lukovtsev, Dean of the Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty, Mykola .I. Mukha, Professor of the Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty and other staff members of ONMA took part in the conference.

The meeting of foreign guests with Rector Mykhaylo V. Miyusov was held on 5 July.

Questions concerning maritime training and education in Poland, People's Republic of China and Ukraine were brought up during the conference. Besides, questions of ETO standars of training development were considered.

On 6 July foreign guests got familiarized with the training facilities of the academy. After the tour the work on the development of ETO standards of training was continued.

Dmytro Zhukov, Senior Lecturer of SNF


The XX International Conference dedicated to the Maritime Education and Educational Training «Back to Backgrounds» of the International Maritime Lecturers Association.

The XX International Conference dedicated to the maritime education and educational training "Back to Backgrounds" of the International Maritime Lecturers Association was held on the base of Maritime institute named after William Barentz (West-Tersheleng, the Netherlands),.

About 84 participants from more than 20 countries of the world took part in the conference. Maryna V.Chesnokova, the Head of the International and Economic Cooperation Department and Olga I. Monastyrska, the Head of English Department ¹ 2 presented their reports on the following topic: "Maritime English Training of ONMA Cadets".

The problems of further cooperation between maritime institutions were discussed during the conference.

The main task of a university is to continue providing highly qualified marine officers, hydrographical surveyors, shipbuilders for the Dutch and foreign commercial, dredging and offshore fleet.Moreover, the goal is to become the best maritime simulator center in the Netherlands and beyond its borders.This aim was achieved with the help of the personnel who dedicated themselves to their favourite occupation.It contains about 50 persons most of whom have experience at sea up to the position of the Master and the Chief Engineer.

Maryna V. Chesnokova, Head of International and Economic Cooperation Dpartment


Sailing Regatta Odessa — Batumi — Odessa

On 21 July, 2012 the International Sailing Regatta of Cruising Yachts Odessa-Batumi-Odessa took place at "Yacht Club "Odessa" at the Marine Station. The most experienced and titled yacht crews of Odessa and Ukraine including masters of sports of the USSR, champions of the USSR and Ukraine, participants of crossings, winners and title-holders of sailing regattas, which took place in the waters of the Black, Azov, Meditarennean, Aegean and Marmora seas, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The aim of the regatta is to strengthen friendly relations between the yachtsmen of Ukraine and Georgia.

During the regatta's participants stay in Georgia the rich cultural and sports programme including a boat show and the festival of the aquatic sports were provided.

The Odessa-Batumi-Odessa regatta was initiated by "Magellan 500" Public Organization .The aim of the organization is holding a round the world sailing regatta dedicated to the 500 the anniversary of the great traveller Fernan Magellan's expedition.This event will take place in 2019.

The representatives of ONMA took part in the Odessa- Batumi-Odessa regatta.

The crew of "Granat" yacht consists of: Master, Dmytro Zhukov; Vasyl Fertiuk,Ihor Frasiniuk and Kostyantyn Tsvigovskyi.

The cruising racing yacht "Granat" of "Alkor" type was built in 1977.The length of the yacht is 12 m, the width is 3 m, the displacement is 6.90 tonn. Due to thorough maintenance the 35 years old yacht is in perfect condition.

On 11 August the solemn closing ceremony of the Odessa-Batumi-Odessa regatta was held near the monument of Duke de Richelieu . Coordinators of the ceremony awarded the winners with cups and honorary diplomas. The orchestra was playing in honour of the guests. The spectators applauded to the heroes who had cobered more than 1200 miles.

The first place was occupied by the crew of "Agath", Nikolaev. The second place and the best absolute speed result was shown by the crew of "Granat" yacht,ONMA..The third place was taken by the crew from Nikolaev, the yacht of "Mercury".

Dmytro Zhukov, Senior Lecturer of SNF


Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions (BSAMI)

The III General Meeting of the Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions (BSAMI) was held in ONMA from 19 till 21 of September 2012.

The Association consists of such states as: Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

The chairperson of BSAMI is Mykhaylo V. Miyusov unanimously elected during the Association Meeting in Constanta (Romania).

The members of the Association are: Hisashi Yamamoto — a founder of the Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions, a representatives of the Istanbul technical University Maritime Faculty (ITUMF) Turkey, Nicola Y. Vaptsarov, Naval Academy (NYVNA) Bulgaria, Batumi State Maritime Academy (BSMA), Georgia, Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University (AUMSU), the Russian Federation.

The objectives of the Meeting are the following: to strengthen the role of academic institutions, to increase requirements for seafarers' competence and proficiency levels as for the region being one of the main suppliers of maritime specialists in the world. Based on the respective virtues and values as a national tradition of each country in the past, the six Black Sea Region countries are globally recognized as one of the most important regions which will continue to supply such qualified maritime human resources in the 21st century.

The six Black Sea Region countries share unique experience and capabilities through their common interests.

The six maritime institutions in the Region recognize the needs and value of a sound and firm foundation of an institution to meet the responsibility as a team to further enhance the members thereof as the major global center of the highest quality maritime human resources through knowledge, innovation and implementation towards the future.

The IV meeting will take place on the basis of the Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University (AUMSU), Novorossiysk, Russian Federation, July, 2013.

Marina V. Chesnokova, Head of International and Economic Cooperation Department


International Forum "Education, Training and Employment of Seafarers"

On 24-25 April,2013 the first International Conference and Exhibition "Education,Training and Employment of Seafarers" will take place in Odessa. The conference has already received support of IMO and leading maritime international organizations.

The purpose of the Forum is to improve training quality of the ship's crews, to demonstrate the latest modern achievements in the sphere of seafarers' training, to find ways of improving education level, to share the experience among the leading maritime specialists.

There will be a possibility to get familiarized with new methodologies and technical means of education, perspective projects and ways of maritime education programmes development as well as with needs and suggestions of the leading market operators of crew specialists.

The Forum's general partner is the "TRANSAS" company.

All the organizations which are interested in further cooperation are welcome.

Contact details : www.etc-odessa.ua

Coordinating Committee


The XV Annual International Seminar "Protection of the Interests of Shipowners" "Shipowner and Human Element"

The XV Annual International Seminar "Protection of the Interests of Shipowners", "Shipowner and Human Element" was held at the end of September.

"Remedy" Law Firm (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) annually arranges International Seminars "Protection of the Interests of Shipowners". The aim of the seminar is to investigate topical juridical and insurance problems from the shipowners' practice, which occurs during the transport business organization.

Constant participants of the seminars became the representatives of the Transport Ministry (Russian Federation), customs, Pilots Association of Russia, judges of Saint-Petersburg Court of Arbitration and Leningrad region and also leading Russian and foreign lawyers.

The basic aim of the seminar is to research options of adjusting maritime business by using labour resources correctly. Various specialists such as: Psychologists, Physicians, lecturers from specialized maritime higher schools, crewing companies, etc. shared with the participants their methodology such as: intensification of work and decreasing of costs at maritime transport, otherwise stated, they gave a piece of advice on how to rise income, considering aging fleet, increasing fuel prices and falling rates of chartering.

Participation in the seminars gave a possibility not only to discuss the topics, o communicate with colleagues and to strike up new business acquaintances, moreover to realize a great number of reciprocal business projects. All that helps to avoid a lot of mistakes the consequences of which become financing charges.

A lot of prizes were awarded during the conference. So, the director of the "Remedy" company A.V. Suprunenko was awarded with the sign "For Outstanding Service îf MIY", the Head of the Department "Safety and Security at Sea", V.G.Torskiy, Professor of ONMA was awarded with the order "For Outstanding Service in Education" which was formed by the International Academy of Ecological Sciences and Safety Management in Emergencies.

The scientists and specialists are awarded with the order "For Outstanding Service in Education" for the successful development of pedagogical science and systemic formation, improvement of didactic methods of education, upbringing of a secure personality, ecological consciousness formation, textbooks and manuals' compiling for higher educational institutions.

Oksana N. Mazur, Head of the Advertisement and Information Department


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