№ 13 April - June 2012  

Coordination meeting
within the framework of 158739-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES-WeNeT Project

On 21-26 of April 2012 the Odesa National Maritime Academy welcomed its international project 158739-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES-WeNeT partners. The objective of the project is to expand and intensify educational cooperation in the sphere of tourism between the EU countries and Eastern European neighbours. Among the project's participants there were institutions of higher education and branch ministries of Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Belarus. The project consortium includes 29 organizations altogether.

Tempus is one of the European Union's programs devised to promote economic and social reforms and development of EU partner states. The agenda of the meeting was creation and implementation of quality assurance system for the new, distance refresher training courses within the Tempus project WeNet: approval of standards, implementation timeframes, and final discussion. It also included the presentation of reports on project's achievements in partner countries as well as the project monitoring, the working session and the discussion of the project's topical issues and further cooperation. At the end of the meeting the project participants were awarded with medals and certificates of honour.

Deputy-Rector on scientific and pedagogical work and international activity S.I. Zaichko


Thematic International seminar for members of national teams of higher education reformation experts: "Cooperation between higher educational establishments and business"

On 15-16 of May 2012 Holon Institute of Technology (Israel) hosted a two-day thematic international seminar "Cooperation between higher educational establishments and business" for representatives of national teams of higher education reformation experts within the framework of Tempus program. Ukraine was represented by the delegation of seven experts representing the nation's leading institutions of higher education, headed by the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Youth and Sports Yevhen Sulima. During the seminar the members of Ukrainian delegation, including a member of the national team of experts, Deputy-Rector of Odesa National Maritime Academy V.M. Zakharchenko, had a meeting with the Vice President of Holon Institute of Technology Edward Yakubov. The latest scientific and technical achievements of Ukrainian and Israeli universities were discussed at the meeting. Deputy-Rector of Odesa National Maritime Academy V.M. Zakharchenko presented a paper on the following topic "Cooperation with Business to Improve the Employment of Graduates in Maritime Industry". The possible ways of cooperation between Odesa National Maritime Academy and Holon Institute of Technology were also discussed during seminar.

Deputy-Rector on scientific and pedagogical work V.M. Zakharchenko


XI International Exhibition and Conference "Inter-TRANSPORT"

The Odesa National Maritime Academy took part in the XI International Exhibition and Conference "Inter-TRANSPORT" held on 1-3 June at the Sea Port. This event provides an excellent opportunity to learn the transportation industry experts' and specialists' opinion on modern trends of ports development, areas of development of port transshipping technologies, and creation of perspective transportation network within the Black Sea region. Such global international high level events prove the unceasing interest of public authorities and the world business community in the development of the Black Sea region. Organization of the annual international conference "The Black Sea Area Transport Network: Complex of Communications between Europe, Asia and other Continents" has become a good tradition and a matter of great importance for both business circles and the public administration sector.

The head of the Advertisement and Information Department O.N. Mazur


World Maritime Technology Conference

Between 29th of May and 1st of June, 2012 Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation's maritime capital, hosted the World Maritime Technology Conference (WMTC), which is the triennial event of the World Maritime Technology Congress. The congress is a collection of 24 international maritime associations, societies and institutes from around the world who come together to debate the professional and technical issues that affect the marine environment.

Approximately 600 delegates from over 20 countries participated in the conference.

The conference was organized by Science & Technology Society of Shipbuilders of the Russian Federation – named after A.N. Krylov (NTOS named after A.N. Krylov) and endorsed by United Shipbuilding Corporation.

The World Maritime Technology Conference is an important global forum of experts from various branches of shipping industry, which provides the opportunity for achievements and experience exchange. The representatives of different higher educational establishments, shipbuilding companies, oil and gas industry organizations, classification societies, shipping companies, insurance companies, design bureaus, scientific and research institutes, as well as governmental organizations participated in the conference.

The conference featured seven key streams devoted to 'Shipbuilding and Shipping'; 'Naval Engineering'; 'Offshore Oil and Gas'; 'Operational Oceanography'; 'Marine Environment'; 'Marine Renewables'; 'Underwater Vehicles'; and 'Marine Engineering Systems'.

Sergey A. Karianskyi, Deputy Dean of Marine Engineering Faculty, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of "Ships' Power Plants" Chair of Odesa National Maritime Academy presented two papers: "Hydrodynamic Pulp Separator for Dredging Vessels" and "Marine Diesel Efficiency Operation with Help of Condition Monitoring".

The final part of the conference featured a ceremony of passing on the baton of the World Maritime Technology Conference from NTOS named after A.N. Krylov to Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (U.S.).

The conference also included an exhibition of achievements in sphere of marine engineering, shipbuilding, and oceanic technology, held at Park Inn Hotel Pulkovskaya.

One of the most significant events was the Forum of Young Maritime Leaders with participation of students, postgraduates, and young scientists from various countries, who represented maritime technical universities, research centers, design bureaus, and plants in Russia and other countries.

The forum was devoted to innovative development and modernization of marine science, manufacturing industry, and technology. A.V. Pecheniuk, a postgradute student of the "Theory and Ship's Construction" Chair of Odesa National Maritime Academy presented a paper "CFD Application on Problems of Ship Design and Operation". D.V. Baikovskyi, 2nd year cadet of the Automation faculty also presented a report "The possibility of application of energy independent soldering-welding means for ships machinery without putting the ship out of operation".

The Forum of Young Maritime Leaders also comprised the council of the heads and representatives of higher educational establishments such as Saint-Petersburg State Maritime Technical University, Admiral S.O. Makarov State Maritime Academy, Odesa National Maritime Academy, Far Eastern State Technical University, Russian State Hydrometeorological University, the management of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST), and the General Secretary of the Baltic and International Maritime Council (ВІМСО). During this council the main objectives of the discussion were the further cooperation among universities and academies and accreditation of universities by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology on the level of "Chartered Engineer".

The World Maritime Technology Conference 2012 and exhibition encouraged consolidation of the international marine engineering community and successful solution of contemporary and long-term problems of marine engineering formation and operation for the World Ocean development.

Deputy Dean of Marine Engineering Faculty Sergey A.Karianskyi


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