2 June-August 2009  

We congratulate you with the Knowledge Day!

New academic year begins and opens a new page of the life and history of our educational institution. Traditionally, these September days yesterday's school-leavers who have adequately passed their tests are accepted in our friendly family and became cadets of the Odesa National Maritime Academy.

For you, dear first-year cadets, the beginning of this academic year is actually the beginning of your new life course. Over the whole training period you should make yourselves, gain knowledge, because everything depends on you. The highly skilled academic staff of the Odesa National Maritime Academy will do the utmost to make you perceive your years of staying in the academy not only as the time of intensive training, but as the best period in your life which can be proudly called the cadet's one.

Modern simulators for practicing, computer classes, possibility to go in for different kinds of sports and amateur activity - all these are at your service in ONMA.

I am sure that you have made the choice deliberately. It is only you who can form your character. Administrators and tutors will do their best to help you become highly qualified specialist that are of great demand at the modern World Labour Market. Appreciate every minute of your cadet life: these years will never return. I know that you will be proud of your profession, - seafaring is not only romantic, but it is also hard and dangerous.

I hope, your generation will continue the repute of our academy. I wish you to reach your desirable goal. Fair wind to you, cadets, and full sails!


Seven feet under the keel!

Rector ONMA, professor Miyusov M.V.



From June, 2nd to June 6th 2009, the working panel of experts on accreditation of 4 engineering specialties on conformity of Bachelors, Specialists and Masters of Science with engineering categories of Incorporated Engineer and Chartered Engineer of Great Britain worked at the Academy.

The working group consisted of representatives from the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (ImarEST): Mr. Ben Saunders (the head of the group), Dr. John McGrath and Mr. Nicholas Haines, who got familiarized with the resource base, laboratory and training facilities of the Academy. The experts held a meeting with the cadets, examined the academic curricula, programmes and educational and methodological support of engineering specialties. They also took part in the celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Academy and saw the sights of Odesa.

At the end of the visit, the representatives of the working group gave a high appraisal to the educational process and methodological level of specialists training in specialties of the following faculties: Engineering Faculty, Automation Faculty and Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty. They expressed gratitude to the management of the Academy, teachers and cadets for the fruitful cooperation.

On the basis of govermental license, IMarEST Council took a decision and issued the certificates about the accreditation of the four above mentioned engineering specialties of the Academy concerning their registration in Engineering Council of UK as the Chartered Engineers, that is the highest category of Engineers' training in the universities of Great Britain.


In 1998, the Odessa Branch of ImarEST was organized on the basis of Odesa National Maritime Academy. Today it brings together 200 members, including more than 70 cadets.

For the improvement of young specialists professional language training, resort to the accomplishments of science and technology in master's degree works, course and diploma planning, the library of English scientific and technical literature was organized at the branch. Cadets, postgraduate students and young engineers have the opportunity to communicate with experienced specialists.

IIMarEST publishes scientific and technical literature, research works in topical scientific and technical areas (Proceedings A, B, C, D), a number of magazines, including Marine Engineers Review, Maritime IT & and Electronics, Propulsion, Marine Scientist, Offshore Technology, Shipping World and Shipbuilder. The institute and regional branches hold annual scientific conferences and seminars, meetings and other different activities.

Professor V. Lanchukovskiy,
honorary secretary of Odesa Branch of Institute
of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology in Ukraine



On June 12th, 2009 "TEMPUS IB Jep-26080-25th"project final meeting took place in the Academic Council Hall of the Odesa National Maritime Academy. VETLOG is a system network development of training courses in the the sphere of transport management and logistic in Ukraine.

During the project elaboration the ONMA coordinating group work was focused on the creation of a substantial part of courses and on the e-learning system implementation at the academy (distance learning). Also the technology which now can be used not only for a management specialty, but also for all ONMA specialties was tested at the academy.

Within the framework of the project the Odesa National Maritime Academy got an equipment and scientific literature. About 10 lecturers have undergone upgrading course in Paderborn (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).

At the final meeting in Odessa were: the Head-manager of the project Dr. Guido Kaufmann (Kaufmann Unternehmensberatung GmbH), Prof., Miyusov M.V. (rector N), Vinnikov V.V. (N project co-ordinator), Zakharchenko V.N. (the N project supervisor), ONMA coordination group.

The project participants have expressed a hope that in the nearest future a new project in the sphere of cruise tourism will start.

Professor V. Zakharchenko,
Deputy Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Work



On July 2nd, 2009 the anti-submarine frigate "Montcalm" of French Navy moored in Odesa Commercial Sea Port. The 139 meter battleship is headed by Captain Thomas Lokart. The frigate has a helicopter of Lynx type which is used for detection and protection of French battleships from submarines and for evacuation. Within five days the crew visited Odesa Municipal Council, Odessa National Maritime Academy etc. During the tour of the academy the French guests visited our museum and simulators of Sea Navigation Faculty and Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty and had the possibility to evaluate the ONMA equipment, the cadets training, and system of cadets' employment. The parts exchanged the souvenirs at the meeting held in the Academic Council Hall. The ONMA representatives were invited in their turn to pay a friendly visit to the French frigate.


The ship is named Montcalm after marquess Montcalm, the XVIIIth century marshal. He won glory in the Seven-year Canadian war due to his four-year strive against English forces. The Marquess was deadly wounded while defensing Quebec and died a few days before its capitulation.

M. Chesnokova,
International and Economic Cooperation Department Head


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