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17 november 2008 year


10th Annual General Meeting of the IMarEST Odessa, Ukraine Branch

On 31 October 2008 the 10th Annual General Meeting of the IMarEST Odessa, Ukraine Branch was held in the English Club Hall of Odessa National Maritime Academy.

Chairman of the Odessa Branch Committee prof. V. Koshevoy informed in his report that on the end of October 2008 the number of the IMarEST members in Ukraine was 165, out of them 19 Fellows, 20 Members, 52 Graduates, 21 Elective Graduates and 53 Students. During the reported year 29 new members joined the Institute but 17 members were lost due to different reasons.

In July 1992 the Odessa State Maritime Academy (OSMA) and the Black Sea Basin Scientific and Technical Society of Water Transport concluded the Agreement about co-operation with the Institute of Marine Engineers (IMarE) which in 1996 accredited four engineering courses of OSMA for Chartered Engineer registration in UK Engineering Council.

In October 1997 the IMarE Council approved the President of the Black Sea Scientific and Technical Society of Water Transport professor V. I. Lanchukovsky as the Corresponding Member for Ukraine.

In October 1998 the First Annual General Meeting of the IMarE members in Ukraine was held and Odessa Branch was organized. The Secretary General of the Institute Mr J E Sloggett took part in this meeting.

During the years of work of Odessa Brunch seven best cadets of ONMA were awarded with undergraduate scholarships of the Institute and three post-graduate students with Stanly Grey scholarships. The engineering courses of Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA) were reaccredited in 2004.

On the base of the Odessa Branch there was organized the English Club and library of English scientific and technical literature for improving professional training of young specialists, use of the achievements of science and engineering in the bachelor and masters projects. In the English Club the cadets, post-graduate students and young engineers have the possibility for personal contact between each other and with experienced specialists while drinking a cup of coffee.

In the year of the 10th Anniversary of Odessa Branch organization in Ukraine three scientific conferences were devoted to this event and held on the basis of Academy faculties.

The conference of professors, lecturers and cadets "Contemporary problems of ships energetics" was held in the period of 20 23 May 2008. 56 papers of marine engineers and 37 papers of cadets were discussed on this conference.

From 23 to 26 September 2008 XV International Conference on Automatic Control "Automatics 2008" was held on the basis of ONMA Automation Faculty. Besides ONMA and IMarEST Odessa Branch this conference was sponsored by National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association on Automatic Control, Institute of Cybernetics of Ukraine and others.

Problems of management, optimization and identification in technical and organizational systems, an information technology and methods of automation of objects are considered by the scientists and lecturers from Russia, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Japan. More than 300 papers were discussed on the meetings of the following eight sections:

  1. Mathematical problems of management, optimization and the theory of games.
  2. Management and identification in conditions of uncertainty.
  3. Automatic control in technical systems.
  4. Progressive information technologies and intellectual management.
  5. Management of space, marine and other mobile vehicles.
  6. Management in social and economical systems.
  7. Professional Training in the field of management and automation.
  8. Automation of teaching and simulator training.

These papers were published in three books with the draw of 230 copies.

On 28 and 29 October 2008 there was held IX Scientific and Technical Conference "Practical problems of radio communication and radio navigation development in GMDSS". 18 papers were discussed at the meetings of this conference.

10th Annual General Meeting of the IMarEST Odessa, Ukraine Branch retired the previous Committee members and elected the new Committee in the following composition:

Chairman Prof. V.N.Zakharchenko, CEng, FIMarEST, Pro-Rector of ONMA,

Vice Chairman Prof. V.F. Kvasnitsky., CEng, FIMarEST, Pro-Rector of National University of Shipbuilding, Nikolaev,

Honorary Secretary Prof. V.I.Lanchukovsky, CEng, FIMarEST, ONMA,

Honorary Treasurer Assistant Professor V.I. Kuprovsky, MIMarEST, ONMA,


  • Prof. A.A.Golikov, CEng, MIMarEST, Head of the Chair,
  • Prof S.I. Gorb., CEng, FIMarEST, Head of the Chair, ONMA,
  • Assistant Professor V. A. Dubovik., CEng, MIMarEST, Deputy Director of State Hydrography Regional Department,
  • S.A. Karyanskyy, GIMarEST, Lecturer of ONMA,
  • Prof. M.V. Miyusov., CEng, FIMarEST, Rector of ONMA,
  • Assistant Professor A.V. Oparin, Head of Odessa Maritime Technical College,
  • Prof. S.S. Rizhkov, Rector of National University of Shipbuilding, Nikolaev.