The 105th years of an outstanding scientist Victor Grigorovich Sizov!

Celebration of the 105th anniversary of Professor V. G. Sizov took place in Odessa National Maritime Academy in September 2015. He made a significant contribution to the personnel training for the maritime industry, the education of young scientists, scientific and technological progress of the Navy.

V.G. Sizov was born in Neva in 1910, and started his career in 1932 after the graduation of the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute. He devoted himself to Odesa Higher Engineering Marine School ( Odessa National Maritime Academy) in 1954.

V.G. Sizov has trained three generations of marine specialists. He became the author of the first textbooks in Ukraine “Ship Theory”, “Ship Heeling”, co-author of the set of methodical manuals for the course and diploma projects. Moreover, he successfully combined teaching and educational work with active research on the theory problems and ships hydromechanics. V.G.Sizov is the author of more than 120 scientific works and is known in our country and abroad. He led 30 topics of scientific research, postgraduates and doctoral candidates training.

Due to the high scientific authority, he headed the section of "The development and operation of the fleet" of scientific and technical Council of USSR Ministry of the Maritime Fleet, section of “Vessel Hydromechanics” of Institute of Hydromechanics of Ukraine. Besides, he was a member of Scientific and Technical of the Central Board of the USSR Maritime Register and the member of All-Union Council of Scientific and Technical Societies named after Academician A.N. Krylov.

The fruitful work of V. G. Sizov received an award "Honourable Worker of Maritime Fleet", medal "Veteran of work". Moreover, he was marked by rank of the laureate of award named after Academic A.N.Krylov, Gratitude of the President of Ukraine, Governor's Gold Award, the government grant of the President of Ukraine.

V.G. Sizov was given the rank of "Honored Worker of Sea and River Transport of Ukraine" and he was awarded with a memorial sign by the order of Ukrainian Ministry of Transport and Communications. Professor was given Certificate of Merit and badge of honor of Odessa Regional State Administration, as well as honorary certificate of Odessa Regional Council for long-lasting fruitful work in the training of highly qualified specialists for the national economy of Ukraine.

Thanks to such scientists as V. G. Sizov, cadets of Maritime Academy received a classical education and currently, they have been working successfully, reaching great heights in the professional and scientific activities.