Meeting of the MARINE project participants (System of Maritime Education for the Development of Maritime Culture in the Black Sea Basin)

The final meeting of the Executive Committee of this project partners took place in the framework of the «Marine» project (System of Maritime Education for the Development of Maritime Culture in the Black Sea Basin) in Istanbul from 9 to 11 September. M.V. Miyusov, the Rector of ONMA, O.N. Shemyakin, the First Deputy Rector and M.V. Chesnokova, Head of International and Economic Cooperation Department took part in the meeting. The agreement on further cooperation of four educational establishments was signed between Odessa National Maritime Academy, “Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy, Piri Reis University and Technical University of Moldova during the meeting. The objective of the treaty – is to promote cooperation between these educational establishments, the exchange of information and materials of mutual interest (joint activities in the field of research and development, technology transfer and innovation, participation in projects financed at the international level, development and presentation of the course), to promote the exchange of personnel, scientists and cadets (for the purpose of education, practical training, research and development, teaching).

The aim of the project is to create a strong link between the maritime industry and education, enhancing the prestige of maritime trade, marking the prospects of development of each individual, who receives a maritime education not only of sailors, but also lawyers, economists, and even historians and other humanitarians. Under the slogan “Shared shores - shared problems” four countries have started implementing the stated objectives. Common efforts of the project participants shall result in the development of maritime culture, which will help to preserve and wisely use the Black Sea.