International Scientific and Technical Conference on "SEA AND RIVER FLEET: OPERATION AND REPAIR"

International Scientific and Technical Conference on "Sea and River Fleet: Operation and Repair" took place at Odessa National Maritime Academy on March 24-25, 2015.

Conference topics are the following:

  • Section 1. Engines and Power Plants; E.M. Polovinka, Doctor of Science, Professor, Head of Ship's Power Plants Department;
  • Section 2. Sea and River Fleet: Operation and Repair; V.A. Golikov, Doctor of Science Professor, Head of Fleet Operation and Maintenance Department;
  • Section 3. Engineering Technology of Ecological and Occupational Safety at sea; .. Kolegaev, PhD, Professor, Dean of Marine Engineering Faculty of ONMA;
  • Section 4. Modern information technologies in education and foreign language training for marine engineers; S. V. Kozitskii, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;
  • Section 5. Technological Processes Automation, S.A. Karianskyi, PhD, Associate Professor.

The conference was opened at the plenary meeting on 24th March. M.V.Miyusov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, the Rector of ONMA and V.A. Golikov, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Deputy Rector on Scientific Work of ONMA presented their reports. Later, the debate was followed by a breakout session. Moreover, breakout sessions were held on 25 March due to the large number of reporters.

The results of the conference were summarized at the closing meeting on 25 March, where .. Kolegaev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Dean of Marine Engineering Faculty, V.A. Golikov, Doctor of Science, Professor, and Heads of sections made their speeches. The decision to publish a separate collection of the best reports was made.