Opening of ship cargo and ballast simulator operations

Opening of ship cargo and ballast simulator operations, which was provided by OSM Ship Management (Norway) as sponsorship was held at the Department of Maritime Transportation of Sea Navigation Faculty at Odessa National Maritime Academy on 4 March, 2015.

The simulator is designed to train navigators according to the programs of the academic disciplines: “Cargo transportation technology,” “Operation of specialized ships”, “Maritime transportation” which are based on the International and National Standards. Simulator training is one of the main methods of demonstrating competence according to Manila amendments requirements to the STCW.

Cargo and ballast simulator provides the opportunity to acquire skills:

  • Cargo handling plan;
  • Calculation of statical stability and ship hull strength;
  • Calculations of emergency flooding areas and dynamic behavior parameters of the vessel;
  • Implementation of cargo and ballast operations and ventilation of cargo spaces in real-time mode;
  • Maintenance of vessel documentation.

The educational objectives are the following: simulator training for cadets of Sea Navigation Faculty and Faculty of Maritime Transportation and Technology of the 4th, 5th and 6th courses of different options of cargo stowage into cargo spaces, ship loading technology, possible emergency responses, carrying-out of work with electronic control consoles.

The opening was attended by M.V.Miyusov, Professor, the Rector of the Academy, all Deputy Rectors of the Academy and Deans of Faculties, the company representatives of OSM Ship Management and TRANSAS, and what is more, A.D. Golovanov, the Chief architect of Odessa was the guest, who marked a high level of the Facilities of the Academy. A.Î. Chepok, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Maritime Transportation held the presentation. M.V.Miyusov, the Rector of the Academy, A.N. Shemyakin and V. A. Golikov, Deputy Rectors, N.N. Tsymbal and I.I. Vorokhobin, Deans, L.L.Nikolayeva, Head of Maritime Transportation Department, A.I. Goloborodko, Head of Technical Training Department, and others, who have expressed their hope and voiced further plans for the development of the Facilities of Odessa National Maritime Academy for specialists training of the maritime professions.

Head of Maritime Transportation Department L.L.Nikolayeva,