Graduation of The Naval Forces Faculty of ONMA officers

The Naval Forces of Ukraine officers' preterm graduation took place in Odessa on 28 February, 2015. The solemn ceremony for the first time took place at the created faculty of the Naval Forces of Odessa National Maritime Academy. 9 fifth-year students passed the state certification, and were awarded the rank of "lieutenant" by the order of the Minister of Defence of Ukraine. Graduates were awarded with naval dirks and diplomas. Young officers were appointed to the duty positions on ships and in military units of the the Ukrainian Naval Forces.

Sergei Haiduk, Vice-Admiral, the Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine congratulated graduates with the special day. He wished the young officers to manage departments confidently, as well as traditional "Fair winds and a following sea!". Sergei Haiduk expressed gratitude to Odessa Regional State Administration and Odessa National Maritime Academy for the help to the Ukrainian Naval Forces, as well as thanked graduates for their endurance, loyalty oath and courage as well.

Igor Palitsa, Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, Gennady Trukhanov, the mayor of Odessa, Mikhail Miyusov, the Rector of Odessa National Maritime Academy, parents of graduates and veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine congratulated the young lieutenants as well. Creative teams of the Naval Forces congratulated the young officers with songs and dancing.

"Today we celebrate a great event for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and for our city. For the first time, the officers of the Naval Forces put on shoulder straps in our city. I think that we have set the basis for new Odessa naval history in this academic year,"- emphasized Gennady Trukhanov.

Two graduates were handed the Commander's of the Naval Forces of Ukraine awards, and Lieutenant Constantine Tsehmeystruk was awarded the dirk of Naval Forces of Italy, who underwent practical training at the Italian Navy.

12 soldiers of the Ukrainian Naval Forces received congratulations on the same day. They received an average level of military education according to the results of studying on the basis of the Military Training Department of the Seafaring College of Technical Fleet of Odessa National Maritime Academy.