IMEC representative`s visit to ONMA

The representative of The International Maritime Employers' Council (IMEC, UK) Adam Lewis Manager of Training and Operations visited Odessa National Maritime Academy with the purpose of familiarization and for further cooperation. Complete excursion was held around of the Academy for the visitor.

IMEC is the only International Employers' Organisation dedicated to maritime industrial relations of the shipping industry. Its offices are located in London and Manila, among its 140 members are some of the largest ship owners and managers, who operate 7,500 ships and 185,000 sailors. ITF Agreements apply to many of these vessels / navigators, which IMEC, as the founder of the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG) discusses on behalf of its members. Moreover, IMEC makes significant investments in trainig, and besides, among the other projects, invests in the cadet programms, covering their own effors. Free membership is available for more than 800 future officers.