The General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities in Australia

15th Annual General Assembly of the International Association of Maritime Universities and International Executive Board (IEB) and Standing Committee Meetings were host by Australian Maritime College, Launceston, Tasmania, from 25 to 30 October 2014.

Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA) was represented on the Assembly by Prof. M. V. Miyusov, Rector of ONMA and Capt. D.S. Zhukov, a senior lecturer of the Shiphandling Chair.

Questions concerning admission of new members into the Association, the need of information support of the Association's activities and the budget of the Association were discussed at the Standing Cometee Meeting on October 25. Research Projects Reports were offered for approval and the project list of winners for the next fiscal year was announced. The new format of the organization's logo was offered.

“Role of the Human Element – IAMU understandig of some Human Elements issue” was approved at IAMU IMO Liason Commetee Meeting. This document will be submit to IMO HTW2 in February 2015. Odessa National Maritime Academy on behalf of ONMA Rector Prof. M. Miyusov heads the IAMU IMO Liason Commetee.

IAMU IEB Meeting took place on 26 October. ONMA has been a permanent member of the Executive Committee for over ten years. Discussion and adoption of the new IAMU Basic Agreement with amendments became the main issue at the Executive Committee Meeting. As well as all issues considered by the Standing Committee were approved. Ten Universitiyes applied to host IAMU AGA 2016. After more than a half and hour discussion it was agreed that 2016 Annual Assembly will be host by Vietnam Maritime University.

Openning Cermony of the Assembly took place on 27 October. Over 130 delegates were registered to participate in the Assembly. Neil Bose, Principal of the Australian Maritime College, Brad Groves, Director of the Maritime Administration of Australia and Chair IMO Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping, Robert Maccabi, Chairman of the Nautical Institute (London) have a keynote speeches to the delegates.

The delegates made presentations on issues of maritime education and training during three days. Reports on research projects were presented in the last day of the Assembly and student's presentation of the Assembly student program was held.

The closing ceremony of the Assembly took part on 29 October. ONMA delegation participated in the Assembly through the financial support of the International Association of Maritime Universities.

More details about the holding of the Assembly can be found on the website of the Association www.iamu-edu.org

Capt. D. Zhukov