International Scientific Conference on
"Modern Technologies in the Offshore industry"

On October 2-5, international scientific conference on "Modern technologies in the offshore industry" was held at the N.Y.Vaptsarov Naval Academy, in Varna (Bulgaria). Odessa National Maritime Academy was represented by I.I.Vorohobin, Dean of Maritime and Inland Waterway Faculty.

The Conference was attended by the Minister of Defence of Bulgaria, Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of Bulgaria, the representative of the Minister of Economy and Energy of Bulgaria and others; The following reports were heard: The perspectives and problems of oil and gas searching in the western zone of the Black Sea, technologies of the offshore industry and opportunities in the western zone of the Black Sea.

The conference was defined by such thematic topics: production and distribution of energy products, construction and exploitation of marine structures, safety and reliability in the marine industry, personnel and scientific support of maritime industry. The participants discussed the draft resolution on the quidelines of the offshore industry development in Bulgaria.

The guests visited the institutions connected with the activities of the offshore industry, shipbuilding and ship-repairing. The general excursion of the classrooms and simulators was held, and then, the presentation of the Military Academy was made.The guests attended the solemn ceremony of the initiation of students into cadets.

I.I Vorohobin, Dean of Maritime and Inland Waterway Navigation Faculty