The meeting of the International Executive Board of the International Association of Maritime Universities.(IAMU)

The meeting of the International Executive Board of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) was held in Bucharest on September 25-26, 2013. On September 27-28, 2013, IAMU 14th Annual General Assembly and IAMU 14th Annual International Student Assocaition were hosted by Constanta Maritime University.

IAMU was founded in November 1999 in close cooperation with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the world leading educational establishments with the support of Japan foundation «The Nippon Foundation». IAMU Headquarters is located in Tokyo (Japan), which comprises 57 universities and academies from 31 countries.

Since the day of its foundation, Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA) has been an active member and from 2000 till 2010 it was a member of the IAMU International Executive Board. In 2011-2013 it took part in several research projects together with the institutions of China, Poland, USA and Japan. In 2013 ONMA was incorporated into the Executive Board of the IAMU for the next 2 years.

The representatives of the Maritime educational institutions of Australia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Canada, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine (Odesa National Maritime Academy), Sweden and Japan took part in the conference of the IAMU International Executive Board.

During the meeting of the new IAMU Executive Board, the representative of Canada was elected Head of the Association and the Rector of ONMA was elected Head of the IMO Liaison Committee as well as member of two other committees (IAMU Nominating Committee and Policy Committee). Next Assemblies are to be held in Australia in 2014, in Croatia in 2015.

Traian Basescu, the President of Romania and Remus Prikopie, the Minister of National Education of Romania greeted the delegates at the opening of the Assembly.

At the Assembly Odessa National Maritime Academy was represented by M.V. Miyusov, the Rector of ONMA, V.M. Zakharchenko, the Deputy Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Work, M.V. Chesnokova, the Head of International and Economic Cooperation Department, D.S. Zhukov, a senior lecturer of the Ship Control Department, and two cadets (A. Akhnazarov, the cadet of Sea Navigation Faculty and D. Emelyanov, the cadet of Automation Faculty). During 14th Annual General Assembly, the delegation members of ONMA submitted their reports and presentations.

The meetings with the Heads of educational institutions (the members of the Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions from Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine) were carried out during the Assembly. Joint projects implementation was discussed.

The Rector of Odessa National Maritime Academy Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor M.V. Miyusov