International projects

Up to 1991, Ukraine was a part of the USSR, that's why it inherited the corresponding educational system and social and economic relations that were to be reformed by means of integrating processes directed to the European (Bologna process) and international community (maritime education).

Dozens and hundreds of Ukrainian educational establishments' graduates play a significant part in political, economic and social life of their countries.

ONMA participates in many international programmes and scientific researches on European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Thus, ONMA took part in "Coordination Group TRASEKA" - project "Maritime Training: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine", the main aim of which was to invest into shipping safety, to prevent marine environment from pollution, to establish environment's self-descriptiveness and to create an opportunity of founding educational establishments by means of maritime training improvement as well as enhancement of maritime educational establishments' correspondence with the requirements and standards of the International Maritime Organization and the European Union.

ONMA is also engaged in the "HIS Danube" programme, that is aimed at hydrographic informational systems development. Inland Water Ways Navigation covers a great part of Europe, that causes the necessity of European countries' cooperation in the single information space that has got the name of Hydrographic information systems (HIS). HIS is intended for information exchange among all the interested entities (both private and legal) that ensure the work of inland water transport. Provision of this information is based on the single adopted standard that is used in different navigation schemes and transport processes. The main goals of HIS foundation are:

  • provision of local and regional inland water ways with information for safe marine fleet's work management on the tactic and strategic levels;
  • optimization of inland water transport resources management by means of consecutive information exchange among vessels, ports, terminals as well as lock services and bridges;
  • provision with constant information about the condition of navigational routes and fairway,
  • information receiving and transmitting in emergencies.

The main background of the single hydrographic information system formation at the whole distance from the Baltic to the Black Sea is a successful development of its separate parts in some European countries (such as Austria and Germany), and also full EU support. The main platform of a harmonious service's work is state shipping associations, that work in the HIS responsibility zone.

All the European countries responsible for the requirements fulfillment and HIS equipping together with the Danube Commission (DC) and Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR) can take part in this project.

One of the conditions of HIS development is the harmonization of shipping services in different countries as for the adopted requirements. The all-European organization named Forum HIS Danube was established for development and implementation of these requirements. The Academy has taken part in its various working groups since 2002. In 2003 workshop Forum HIS Danube on the single all-European HIS system formation for provision of the best inland water ways navigation condition was held in the city of Odessa, where ONMA was the coordinator.

Since 2002 the Academy's representatives have participated in the Danube Commission's work in the sessions on technical issues as experts. Since 2005 a training course for specialists, who work in the HIS field with the involvement of the representatives from the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, has been held annually.

In 2009 the Dean of the " Navigation at Sea Inland Water Ways" faculty I.I. Gladkykh was elected the head of the DC expert group on the shipping policy on the River Danube.

ONMA takes part in the all-European NELI project Cooperation System of the Logistics and Specialists' Training on inland water ways of the Danube region with the use of modern technologies. Besides it participates in all-European NEWADA project The Danube Administrations' Cooperation System.

The Academy was a participant of the EMPUS JEP 26080-2005, VETLOG project aimed at training courses development in the field of transport and logistics management in Ukraine.

The aims of project EMPUS JEP 26080-2005, VETLOG were:

  • creation of a network of European and Ukrainian higher educational establishments and enterprises;
  • development of transport and logistics management training courses;
  • mutual development of courses for Ukrainian specialists' and managerial personnel qualification upgrading in the transport and logistics field;
  • use of e-learning technologies for organizing management upgrading courses in Kiev, Odessa;
  • organization of upgrading courses' lecturers of higher educational establishments, people responsible for upgrading courses for specialists and managerial personnel at enterprises and organizations.